Dawn Cook Life Care Planning

Life Care Plans and Bill reviews

for plaintiff and defense Attorneys 

Dawn Cook has been a Health Care professional for three decades. She worked as a Registered Nurse in hospitals, home care, and life care planning and she is fully qualified as a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner, Registered Nurse, and Lifetime Nurse Care Planner.

She has testified at depositions and at court. She is sought after for her  high quality Expert Reports and her strength of  testifying.

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Dawn Cook is experienced in reviewing past medical bills for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Each bill is examined for its relationship to the incident in question and for the reasonableness of the bills  compared to the usual and customary costs in the community in which  services or goods were acquired. A complete report could incorporate  expert medical reports, IME and other documents that support or refute the appropriateness of each bill under consideration for total costs related to the accident or incident.  

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Dawn Cook is highly experienced in creating Life Care Plans based on the plaintiff's Medical Records, Interviews with the injured plaintiff, research and communications with treating physicians as well as  Usual and Customary Cost analysis. 

Dawn Cook's Rebuttal or her critque of opposing counsel's life care plans incorporate the principles of Life Care Planning while examining the plan for reasonableness of costs and foundation for all recommendations. Contact  Dawn Cook to learn more! phone 702-544-2159

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Dawn L. Cook

RN, cnlcp, 

lncp-c, lnc 

Certified nurse Life Care Planner
                 Dawn Cook RN, CNLCP, LNCP-C, LNC                
                                                             702-544-2159                           ‚Äč